Win Your Business with a Permanent Fix

Is your company meeting the financial goals that are critical for your company to survive and thrive? You generate value for your company not by meeting the bar but consistently raising it.

But where do you start?

Having experienced work life from both sides, as the owner of a century old family business and a manager in world class electronic and aerospace organizations, Chetan has acquired the expertise to help organizations make their systems conducive for consistently generating world class growth and returns. His research in wide ranging fields—logotherapy, neuroscience, and behavioral psychology—helped him gain the expertise that will help your organization achieve the goal of a stress-free workplace with satisfied and engaged employees.

As an expert in creating value in any organization, Chetan has been invited on both live and print media. His media talks were broadcast on the cities such as Miami, San Diego, Tampa, Detroit, Boston, Atlanta, Windsor and Toronto. His live advice sessions to the business community in North America and Asia involved keynote address followed by advice on specific issues so that participants get immediate value.

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