What Is Awareness?

Do You Have Control over Your Triggers, Which Can Destroy Your Career, Family And Life?

Consider a case of a mass murderer. The trigger to kill came from his past experiences of pain suffered from domestic violence, and racial, and religious hatred. When exposed to stimuli- people who looked similar to those who com¬mitted past atrocities on him- the feeling of revenge deeply hidden in his subconscious mind came to his outer mind, triggering action.

Now, consider an alternate scenario when he was in full awareness. In this case, he will be aware of his drives of revenge. This understanding will serve like a look into a mirror, which will help him move away from an automatic stimulus response cycle, to conscious intervention, to choose his options. Whatever actions chosen from then on, will be out of free will.

Ask yourself how many triggers do you have, that make you jealous at work, angry at home and sad every day, after reacting to some incidents? What is your plan to control the seeds that cause these triggers? These triggers lead to aggression, addiction, and when not expressed, depression.
The solution is to become aware. See the video “Learn what is awareness that prevents your life from getting destroyed”

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