They Laughed When I Said That Atheists can be Spiritual. But the Examples……

As Indian mystic, Swami Vivekananda said in his discourses in Jnana Yoga, the idea of God is our own creation, and it changed over time from the Old Testament to the New Testament and from the Vedas to Upanishads. The God of heaven became the God in nature, and the God in nature became the God who is nature. Then the God who is nature became the God within the temple of the body, and lastly the temple itself.

However, the idea of God did help people in distress and weak to increase their resilience. But what if you do not believe in the idea of God? Can an atheist despite her/his disbelief in God and soul, still gain mental balance and positive attitude to life and live a meaningful life? Make sure to watch the video above, “How atheists can be the Yogis of the highest order”, to learn more about my findings.

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