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They Laughed When I Said That Atheists can be Spiritual. But the Examples……

As Indian mystic, Swami Vivekananda said in his discourses in Jnana Yoga, the idea of God is our own creation, and it changed over time from the Old Testament to the New Testament and from the Vedas to Upanishads. The Continue Reading

How to Know Whether a Spiritual Guru Is Not a Fraud

My colleague, Ajay, visited a temple in Brampton, Ontario to meet an Indian saint. Ajay spent more than a few hours in temple, but found the saint totally disengaged, looking more like someone who did not sleep for a while. Continue Reading

Should You Use Your Passion to Find Your Life Purpose?

Passion is often said to be the primary contributor to define the purpose of life. If you are passionate about activities related to your talents, all the hardship required to convert them into world class ability would be a pleasurable Continue Reading

Goal Setting Frenzy May Lead You to Bankruptcy

In a parable, a man went to town with a bundle of cash. His wife gave him a gun for protection. His route to town was through a dense forest. A thief robbed him in the forest and took away Continue Reading

Win Your Life With A Permanent Fix

Born in a small village in India, the author was expected to work and live in that town. However, interest in self-development supported by formal education in India, Australia, and Canada, led him to Canada and also helped him live Continue Reading