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Why You Don’t Have to Get High Education to Succeed at Work

I have worked with exceptionally good engineers and managers. Many of them did not have formal education in engineering and management. Despite their low education, their performance and capability were far better than those of the others like me, who Continue Reading

If You Dread Monday, It Is Likely That You Are Not Finding Meaning At Work

Which actions and work give you meaning? Viktor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy said, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms-to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances to choose Continue Reading

How Simple Techniques Can Help Control Your Triggers

Mary was an accomplished project manager and trusted colleague with whom I worked in the past. She had a trigger: whenever a colleague mentioned a previous software implementation project, she would lose her composure and become visibly upset. Mary led Continue Reading

What Is Awareness?

Do You Have Control over Your Triggers, Which Can Destroy Your Career, Family And Life? Consider a case of a mass murderer. The trigger to kill came from his past experiences of pain suffered from domestic violence, and racial, and Continue Reading

For Winning, You Need Meaning – at Work and in Life

“Why do you not commit suicide?” Dr. Viktor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy used to ask his severely depressed patients. A survivor of holocaust, Frankl realized that life has meaning even in the harsh environments such as the Jew concentration Continue Reading