Listen To Chetan on KOGO News Radio 600

Chetan appeared on Fox News Radio on stations in Louisiana, California, Texas, Illinois and Iowa, as an expert on the subject “How to avoid burning out at work”.

Click the link below to listen to Chetan on KOGO News Radio 600.

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One thought on “Listen To Chetan on KOGO News Radio 600

  1. How Simple Techniques Can Help Control Your Triggers - Chetan Prabhu Desai

    […] “Thank you, it worked,” Mary told me a couple of weeks later, when she successfully implemented my suggestion. When you can identify specific triggers (getting angry, jealous, tempted, and egoistic after a specific incident) you can use techniques to control that trigger. But what is more helpful is striving to be in the zone of equanimity throughout the encounter so that you remove all the power from your triggers—known and unknown. This is a permanent fix. Listen to the audio from the Fox News radio tour on KOGO News, San Diego, CA, where I talked about t… […]

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