For Winning, You Need Meaning – at Work and in Life

“Why do you not commit suicide?” Dr. Viktor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy used to ask his severely depressed patients. A survivor of holocaust, Frankl realized that life has meaning even in the harsh environments such as the Jew concentration camps. Lack of meaning is often the missing link in otherwise successful life, for most of us.

How do you find meaning- at your workplace, and most importantly, in your life? The starting point is to become aware of your uniqueness and your responsibilities.

One way to become aware is through sufferance, which is suffering without any pride, either deliberate or caused by accidental unplanned events. In almost all religions we find that sufferance is one of the highest virtues.

Watch the video above, “How Suffering Leads to Meaning in Life”, to know how a person David found meaning in his life, after he had a car accident.

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