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For Winning, You Need Meaning – at Work and in Life

“Why do you not commit suicide?” Dr. Viktor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy used to ask his severely depressed patients. A survivor of holocaust, Frankl realized that life has meaning even in the harsh environments such as the Jew concentration Continue Reading

They Laughed When I Said That Atheists can be Spiritual. But the Examples……

As Indian mystic, Swami Vivekananda said in his discourses in Jnana Yoga, the idea of God is our own creation, and it changed over time from the Old Testament to the New Testament and from the Vedas to Upanishads. The Continue Reading

Listen To Chetan on KOGO News Radio 600

Chetan appeared on Fox News Radio on stations in Louisiana, California, Texas, Illinois and Iowa, as an expert on the subject “How to avoid burning out at work”. Click the link below to listen to Chetan on KOGO News Radio Continue Reading

How to Know Whether a Spiritual Guru Is Not a Fraud

My colleague, Ajay, visited a temple in Brampton, Ontario to meet an Indian saint. Ajay spent more than a few hours in temple, but found the saint totally disengaged, looking more like someone who did not sleep for a while. Continue Reading

Fox News Radio Tour – Monday, April 2nd

Chetan will be appearing on multiple Fox News radio stations between 7am - 11am on Monday, April 2nd! Topic to be covered: Got a case of the Mondays? How to avoid burning out at work. According to, 39 percent Continue Reading