Chetan’s Appearance on the Mark Benson Radio Show

We have seen in current times that society identifies you based on your profession. Identifying with your profession can make you feel that your work or profession itself is the purpose of life.
Work can help to create meaning, provided that you make efforts to see how you can contribute to other beings through your work.

People who find meaning in their profession are indifferent to money and are proud of their work. Your willingness to work in your profession without pay and still enjoy the work is an indication that you have a passion for what you do.

And what happens when you retire? Why some people continue to work/ go back to work after retirement? Does involvement in charitable organizations help to live meaningfully? On the show ‘On the Mark’ with Mark Bensen, on @880thebiz, Miami, FL, Chetan addressed these questions.

Listen to the complete interview addressing these questions following this link.