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Chetan’s Appearance on The Show ‘POPPOFF’ on KAHI, Sacramento CA.

If you don’t like your current job, should you quit? What if your alternative turns out to be worse than the current one? Any impulsive decision taken without responsibility towards yourself, your family, career and society can backfire. So, first Continue Reading

Chetan’s Appearance on the Mark Benson Radio Show

We have seen in current times that society identifies you based on your profession. Identifying with your profession can make you feel that your work or profession itself is the purpose of life. Work can help to create meaning, provided Continue Reading

Chetan’s Appearance on WINT Radio

In The Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna talks about 1) Equidistance from happiness and sadness 2) Being free from worldly desires as the inner self is desire-less; and 3) Winning anger as it may lead to total destruction (2:55-57). A spiritually Continue Reading

Listen to Chetan on the Ken Broo Podcast

Listen to Chetan on the Ken Broo podcast episode, "Time to Panic". Chetan can be heard at the 35 minute mark through the 48 minute mark.

Listen To Chetan on KOGO News Radio 600

Chetan appeared on Fox News Radio on stations in Louisiana, California, Texas, Illinois and Iowa, as an expert on the subject “How to avoid burning out at work”. Click the link below to listen to Chetan on KOGO News Radio Continue Reading